Saturday, June 4, 2011

AdChoices Google AdSense
I was surprised to see the writing AdChoices on my Google Adsense. usually in the lower right corner says "Ads by google", is now written "AdChoices". Starting from my curiosity with this AdChoices icons on Google Ads, I then look for, what is wrong or my ads are not normal. I then get an answer, it turns the icon or the Google Adsense code AdChoices was normal, and even beneficial to both parties, advertisers and publishers or bloggers.

why I say helpful? because now we as Google Adsense publisher can choose the target of our blog, whether target our blog visitors from among students or businessmen. For example, earlier when I use the new features (AdChoices) Google Adsense, I choose the category of education.

Is this also useful to advertisers? of course, because the target advertisers who advertise through Google Adsense be better targeted.


  1. hmmm... the power of observation...
    I don't pay attention to the changes. But thanks for the information. I haven't done anything to my adsense. Seems like now is the right time... Thanks bro...


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