Google Pagerank Update 2013

Google pagerank update is the most time awaited by the bloggers around the world, pagerank is a patented algorithm that serves to determine which websites are more important / popular. Pagerank is one of the main features of the Google search engine.

A website will be popular if the many other sites that put links pointing to the site, assuming the site content is more useful than other sites.

Pagerank has the same basic concept of link popularity, but it does not only consider the "amount" of inbound and outbound links. The approach used is a page would be necessary if other pages have a link to that page. A page will also become increasingly important if other pages have high rankings refer to that page. 

Welcome Back To My Blog

Been a long time was not taking care of my blog, a sense of missed to post again here. I tried to take the time to write here. The flurry of "offline" makes me so rarely update this blog. Although I work with computers and internet, well...finally I got a chance to write again on this blog. "Welcome back to this blog"

Iphone 5 Release

Many rumors about iPhone 5 in circulation and likelihood iPhone 5 release in June at Apple's WWDC 2011 event going off. Still about iPhone5 rumors, Apple products has been waiting these many parties and even just going to start production in June. And Loop, which has the reputation of Apple products and the accuracy of the information, also reinforces this notion.

Shape description for iPhone 5 also has appeared in two versions, using a design like iPhone 4 and uses a wider screen. And rumors of the iPhone model will be similar to the two mentioned iPhone 3GS but like the iPhone early series, with a back cover made of aluminum.