Sunday, December 26, 2010


With the recent rise in advanced social networking sites and the subsequent attention they have received from media outlets, people commonly perceive weblogs which are the staple of social networking as a new invention. However, this isn't entirely true. Adding information to web-logs or blogs.

Blogging defined is one of the most effective means of Internet-based communication because it is relatively easy and requires little time investment. Using a blogging interface like Wordpress or Google's Blogger, a blog owner can add a new entries to his blog while he sits in a meeting at work or watches events unfold on TV. Rather than fooling around with messy code, he can simply enter his message textually in his blog, and then update it in a matter of seconds.

Another crucial aspect of blogging that makes it such an effective medium for communication is that it allows for rapid-response comments. A political debate could literally unfold over the course of the afternoon in the form of comments on a blog.

Conversely, blogging defined by the media is often “controversial,” but it doesn't have to be that way.  Many blogs are used to simply say "hello" to friends who are blog owners. This is quite common with social networking sites, such as Myspace and Live journal both of which use a form of blog to facilitate communication.

Whether blogging defined is a form spurring debate between political opponents or blogging defined is a means of increasing bonds between friends, they have the ability to rapidly increase the speed of communication by acting as a sort of intermediary between a full-featured website and a forum.


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